slitscanning bookmarklet for YouTube and Vimeo videos

Lazer Sword - Beast’s Reprise / by Paul Trillo

Slitscanner is a little piece of Javascript you can run as a bookmarklet to start, well, slitscanning videos online. This only works in the HTML5 video players so for Vimeo you will need to select "Switch to HTML5 Player" in the lower right on the video pages. For YouTube it's a little trickier, you can opt into the HTML5 test here, but they will still use the Flash Player for videos with ads.

You can add it as a bookmarklet by dragging this link up to your bookmarks bar: slitscanner. Just hit the bookmarklet on any YouTube or Vimeo video page with an HTML5 player, and it will start drawing onto a canvas in the browser. You can modify the speed with the slider (the default value draws the entire video to the width of the browser). You can also download the code and modify it as you wish.

Unnamed Soundsculpture / by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer

Sadly, due to crossdomain issues I don't know of an easy way to turn the slitscanned canvases into images other than taking a screenshot, so for now it will remain as more of a personal toy. I'm posting nice ones I generate to this tumblr and tagging everything with #slitscanner. If anyone wants to put up a proxy server to serve video with CORS enabled, let's talk.

There is also an incredible collection of slit-scan artwork put together by Golan Levin here.

Teebs - Moments / by Paul Trillo

This is a browser experiment by Sha Hwang.